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5 Percent for Education

تعلیم کو پانچ دو


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” (Malcolm X)

In addition to arranging various educational & creative activities in the Educational Institutions of Pakistan,Islami Jamiat e Talaba has also always raised its voice for a better educational system in Pakistan.

Students’ Organizations has started a Nationwide campaign,demanding the Federal Government & also the Provincial governments to increase the funds allocated for Education in the upcoming budget that is going to be presented in June 2015.


We need to understand that all great nations invest a major part of their energies & money in Education;for without it,development & progress is not possible.This is because education prepares the youth of a nation for the future,& equips them with the necessary knowledge & skills to face the challenges of life.

As a part of this campaign,a Pre-Budget seminar was held at Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday(27-5-015).The Chief Guest was Zubair Hafeez,Nazim e Ala’ IJT Pakistan.Finance Minister KPK Muzaffar Said was also expected to join the seminar,but he could not attend the program,and instead,Mr.Fahim Siddiqui,Special Secreatary Finance KPK,attended the seminar on behalf of the provincial government. Zubair Hafeez was was the main speaker,and his speech was very thoughtful,well-articulated & the ideas & suggestions he presented represented the voice of the Pakistani youth.

He started his speech with first emphasizing the importance of Education for progress,and stated that the root cause of most of our problems is our indifference towards properly educating our young generation.The figures he presented were shocking,rather disappointing.Pakistan spends an average of 1.8 % of its GDP on Education,far less than other countries of the same socio-economic profile.Even countries such as Nepal & Kenya spend a greater percentage of their GDP on education Pakistan.Our immediate neighbours,like India & Iran,have a much higher budget for Education than Pakistan.This unadequate spending on Education has caused huge disparities in Pakistan,& this is the main cause behind all the divisions that we see in our society.Furthermore,he also said that about 2.5 million children in Pakistan are not enrolled in any primary school,and are thus totally deprived of any basic education.On hearing this,I remembered Victor Hugo,a famous french novelist & poet,who was quoted as saying,”He who opens a school door,closes a prison.” Unfortunately,we are doing the exact opposite.

Another problem that he pointed out in his address were the dire conditions of our primary & secondary schools.Inadequate facilities in our schools is a major problem that needs to be addressed by the government.He also stressed on the importance of educating girls,for they are an important part of our society.Sadly,especially in rural areas,educating girls is considered as a taboo.This also something that needs to be resolved.In the light of all these problems that our educational system faces at large,Nazim e Ala’ urged the provincial government of KPK,& also the federal government in Islamabad,to tackle these problems on an emergency basis.He also demanded that the Education expenditure in the budget be increased to about 5 % of the GDP,as is the case in most countries of the world.

Fahim Siddiqui,as a represtative of the KPK government,assured us that he will inform the concerned authorities about the demands of the students,so that they can materialize all these ideas.

Such seminars,play an important role in sensitizing the society about matters of such significance & importance.I hope our provincial government in KPK,and also the federal government,realizes in time that our topmost priority in terms of allocating funds should not be anything except our Education.If the government musters up enough courage to increase the Educational Budget to 5 % of the GDP,this will indeed be a revolutionary step in guiding Pakistan towards a prosperous future.

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